INEE intervenes across the entire value chain.

Its expertise ranges from energy audits to the design and installation of energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions, to performance monitoring, ensuring project assembly, financing, as well as support in change management.


Audit, Engineering, and Expertise

INEE provides a comprehensive diagnosis of its clients' energy consumption, starting with pre-audits and investment audits. INEE conducts in-depth and detailed analyses, examining technical solutions at each project stage to support clients in developing and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. It offers tailored and targeted solutions aimed at reducing carbon footprint and optimizing costs.


INEE offers a comprehensive financing approach for your energy efficiency, renewable energy, and decarbonization projects in collaboration with trusted financial partners. This collaboration enables customized financing solutions designed to meet each project's unique needs.


INEE ensures sourcing based on optimal supplier management, including tracking offers, accrediting qualified suppliers, negotiating advantageous conditions, and establishing strategic partnerships. INEE's commitment translates into creating added value by facilitating preferential agreements and effective collaborations, aiming to enhance competitiveness, reduce costs, and stimulate innovation for the benefit of its clients.

Project Assembly

INEE offers a comprehensive project assembly service, including a precise cost estimation of technical solution expenses, clarification of prices and sales conditions, as well as meticulous preparation of sales documentation. This approach ensures the creation of integrated solutions tailor-made to the specific activities and needs of each client and project.

Implementation and Maintenance of Installations

INEE provides a service for the implementation and maintenance of installations that covers all project stages. Additionally, INEE offers a technical maintenance service aimed at preserving reliability, maximizing efficiency, and extending the lifespan of the installations.

Operations and Monitoring

INEE ensures regular monitoring of the performance of installed systems through periodic checks and real-time IT monitoring of performances. INEE is committed to optimizing every aspect of the installations to ensure their continuous operation and achieve significant savings.

Change Management

INEE provides comprehensive support in the efficient management of energy resources by offering targeted training programs and assisting in obtaining recognized environmental certifications and labels (EDGE, Green Key, LEED, HQE, BREEAM, etc.).